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Assurance Programs

Assurance training programs comprise seminars, webinars and workshops in all areas and facets of auditing including internal and external (statutory) audit, management audits and performance (value-for-money) audit. Our audit training programs not only ensure that requirements of standards (such as International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), International Standards on Quality Control/Management (ISQC 1 and/or ISQM 1 & 2) and International Professional Practice Framework for internal audits) are thoroughly covered, but also ensure that program deliverables and approach are practical and relevant for auditors of different sizes, types and complexities. Besides auditing, other assurance related training provided relate to due diligence, forensics and fraud

Below are some of our assurance programs:-

  • Practical audit for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
    levels – incorporating all International Auditing Standards
  • Planning & assessment
  • Performing tests of controls and substantive procedures
  • Audit of assets, liabilities, income & expenses
  • Auditing accounting estimates, impairment and fair
  • Going concern
  • Auditors’ opinions and report
  • Performing and reporting on group audits
  • Implementing ISQC 1/ISQCM 1 and 2 for SMPs
  • Performing and reporting on internal audits
  • Financial due diligence
  •  Forensic accounting & fraud investigation
  • Public sector auditing in accordance with ISSAI standards

Risk Management &
Corporate Governance

Risk management programs comprise workshops that deliver practical approach and application of the risk management process for any type of organisation (or even projects/activity) in accordance with internationally practiced standards and guidelines (ISO 31000), including emphasis in good internal controls. Our corporate governance programs deliver content on organisational structure, role of those charged with governance and boardroom excellence

Below are some of our assurance programs:-

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Internal control best practices – application & documentation
  • Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance

Accounting & Financial
Reporting Training

The accounting and financial reporting programs include seminars and workshops on updates and key requirements of approved accounting standards (both international and national) used in corporate reporting, with emphasis on how preparers of financial statements/accounts apply and incorporate these requirements into their reporting/preparation of management and statutory accounts. Practical implementation issues and problems will almost definitely be included in these training programs. There are basic or appreciation training workshops for those who are not in finance to better understand the role of finance function in business. Besides accounting and financial reporting, we work with our associates to cater for corporate tax related trainings, with emphasis of latest updates and how it impacts businesses.

Below are some of our accounting and financial reporting programs:-

  • Malaysian Private Entity Reporting Standards (MPERS) – all areas
  • Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS)/International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)– all standards
  • Malaysian Public Sector Accounting Standards (MPSAS)/ International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) – all standards (*MPSAS can be fully conducted in Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Finance for non-finance managers/executives
  • Understanding & interpreting financial statements

Business Consulting &
Advisory Training

The business consulting trainings comprise trainings in the area of corporate finance and business management. These training programs are designed to equip entrepreneurs and management to have an understanding and hands-on knowledge on key corporate finance tools to assess, examine and evaluate not only their own businesses performance but also other potential business interests or undertakings. For new and growing businesses seeking to start or expand, these training will provide key financial information that are usually required by bankers, potential investors, government agencies and other business organisations when a business is seeking for approval for loans, grants, assistance and other types of concessions or approvals.

Below are some of our advisory and consulting programs:-

  • Fundamentals of forecasts & projections and related valuations
  • Business valuations methods
  • Preparing business plans and proposals
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